Saturday, August 23, 2014

My pilgrimage to Cabo Blanco

Whilst in Mancora, Peru I just happened to overhear in conversation that across the bay was a place called Cabo Blanco where Hemingway had visited. I have a reverence for Hemingway that is quite serious and I jokingly called this a 'pilgrimage'.

Cabo Blanco is a place that is not easy to get to. Although it had some wonder days in the 50s and 60s, the Cabo Blanco Fishing Club was a place for celebrities like John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe to visit. Today Cabo Blanco is quiet but busy. A centre for oil and surfing rather than game fishing.

The reef of honeycomb sandstone is one of the fiercest rocks I have ever seen. I would not like to be smashed into that.

A lonely quiet place, the town receives 3 hours of water per week. The Fishing Club is now a wreck and I didn't get to see it. In the Black Marlin Restaurant, there is a set of old pictures.

The beach is a lonely powerful place. From September you can see whales. The surfing is one of the best in Peru with an almost perfect 'tube' wave. It is certainly possible to feel the atmosphere of Hemingway.

I certainly enjoyed my walk on the beach, thinking of the month Hemingway spent in 1956.

I thought you would all enjoy this pic. We came to visit the 'Restaurant Cabo Blanco' and it was closed – but we took a fun pic anyway.

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