Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Five Dials - Camus

Camus Edition - Five Dials

I cannot recommend the article by Curtis Gillespie on Camus highly enough. Gillespie travels to Algiers to find out more about Camus.Despite all that is known about Camus he manages to find new insights from the places that he lived, meet people who knew him, discover new things. It is amazing to me the power of place to learn new things about someone and this article certainly proves it.

Camus spent a great deal of time at a headland in Tipaza, Algeria writing and thinking. His friends got together and erected this monument:

On it is written: 'Here I understand that which is called glory: the right to love without measure.'

PS If you go to the previous edition you will discover the mysteriously cool place where Richard Ford stores his journals.

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