Friday, September 13, 2013

You Westerners are Stupid!

by Vladimir Putin (Well, Edward Lucas really)

This opinion piece from 'The Times' is really hilarious and accurate. It is strange times when the times is sceptical and anti-war and 'The New Statesman' has a lead article that is vaguely supportive to a war. I don't really think anyone understands the gravity of the situation, chemical weapons are serious and yet no one really wants to go to war - but most of all, we should have learnt by now not to trust the Russians. [BTW you need to zoom in to 150% to read this atachment.]

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igneos geos said...

"As a proud former KGB man, I know that words are merely the servants of ideas. We were good at disinformation and bluff then. We are even better at it now."

I think Edward Lucas has it right - the Russians say something and mean something else, the Americans say something and believe what they say but don't do it.