Friday, September 27, 2013

Online guide to Islam (Part 2)

Part 2

Interesting article on the growth of Islam in American prisons. Hip hop music has become a champion of Islam and the influence is leading to Islam becoming possibly one of the fastest growing religions.

Opinion piece from The Independent

Opinion piece from The Independent on the niqab. Trying to persuade the readership that we have become too sympathetic to cultural awareness and that it is not a right to wear a niqab in the public sphere such as in hospitals, schools or the court.

Useful introduction to veils worn by Muslim women.

Organisation that seeks to raise awareness of Islamic issues and promote Islam to the wider world.

Islamic academic organisation based in Birmingham

[Website is not ready but looks interesting]

Another organisation representing Islams in Britain. Looks to be of a slightly better standard. Updated and maintained better than the MAB. Seeks to emphasise the Muslim contribution to British life, the long history of Muslim involvement in Britain and appears to seek out a society where Muslims integrate and take part in British life.

One of the stories from the events in Nairobi was that a victim taught a group of people the Shahada to enable them to escape the terrorists. See above link.

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