Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Wall

My brother sent me a book called 'The Wall' by Marlen Haushofer. Haushofer was an Austrian writer born in 1920. She married in 1941, divorced in 1950 and then re-married her husband in 1958. I have started to read 'The Wall' and it is very interesting. The novel is post-apocalyptic with a woman trying to survive when as far as she can tell all life on earth has been removed apart from the small area around her hunting lodge and is separated with a wall. In the new environment she has to survive on her own means with only a few animals and sparse supplies.
'The Wall' was written between 1960-63 but only published in 1968. She writes about the unique aspect of female life - the anxiety of being able to love. She realises that the animals that she loves cannot always be under her protection, something bad could happen at any time because the cat for example will go out on her own into the forest at night:

"Sometimes long before the wall existed I wished I was dead, so that I could finally cast off my burden. I always kept quiet about this weary load; a man wouldn't have understood, and the women felt exactly the same way as I did. And so we preferred to chat about clothes, friends and the theatre, keeping our secret, consuming worry in our eyesEach of us knew about it, and that's why we never discussed it. That was the price we paid for our ability to love."


'The Wall' has been made into a film. Look out for it.


jw munich said...

hey Rod. Cool, you've started reading it already. Glad it seems interesting so far. Trailer looks good, hopefully I'll watch the film soon.

igneos geos said...

Thanks Jonny, yes, a third of the way through, looking good so far.