Sunday, May 26, 2013

Five dials

I have just downloaded Five dials 28 edited by Craig Taylor and it looks very good.

The editorial mentions a piece called 'heroes'. Meditations on characters in films we all know but who were brutally cut out for the sake of the film. Such as the sword fighter that Indiana Jones watches casually for a few seconds then shoots him. It made me think of how the world is misunderstood by Hollywood. The whole of the western world is hated because of films such as Indiana Jones and yet the whole of the western world hates Indiana Jones (well, some of them, well, we feel misrepresented by him - even though we love the film [secretly!])

Events in recent days show just how shocking that misunderstanding has become. The headline on Friday showed an Islamic country with a banner saying - leave us alone, go home. If only it was that simple. If only 9/11 hadn't happened. If only the Russians hadn't invaded Afghanistan. If only Britain hadn't conquered half the world and left it in a mess.

Heroes? Maybe Indiana Jones will save the world!

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