Sunday, November 25, 2012

He who takes me, gives himself to me, and is himself taken by the universe.

'The Eternal Feminine' written by Teilhard in Verzy, France on the frontline, 19-25 March 1918. The above is a line from this beautiful poem and I cannot help going back over it again and again.

When we participate in love we are 'taken' by the universe and when we try to capture it and use it for some negative purpose, it disintegrates and falls apart in our fingers. Could still be reading and re-reading for some time.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Underground Man

Ross Macdonald has written a brilliant book. I am still reading it but the idea of a crime novel including a forestry service investigator (as a side line character to Lew Archer PI) on the trail of a murderer who may have started a forest fire in mid-50s california is just pure genius. I am only partly way through it but I am loving it. As far as I can see this pic below is the only pic of this 1973 edition, I like this cover the best.


Tony Mendez Argo - Spycast

I'm almost sure I posted about this, but this is an incredible story and I see it is now a film: