Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oceans under threat

As temperatures rise and the carbon balance in the oceans change all of life in the oceans are under threat. I certainly didn't know that in one litre bottle of sea water there are 4 billion viruses and the viruses are useful in that they work to reduce the amount of carbon in the water. Whilst most of the living things in the sea are under threat jellyfish are one of the few that actually thrive on change and as we pollute the ocean mass swarms of jellyfish can arrive killing everything in their path.

I have been readin 'Ocean of life' by Callum Roberts and it makes sober reading. We are still reaking havoc to the oceans. After the Deepwater Horizon oil spil when they examined the risk assessments they found references to dangers to walruses and sea lions (!) It looks like they simply copied the risk assessments from oil rigs in the Artctic.

I had not realised the fragile balance that we have to cope with in the ocean and the risks that we are facing, this is certainly a worthwhile read.

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