Friday, December 07, 2012


Happy is the man who after a long journey full of indignities and troubles arrives at home to kisses, he should be happy to have such a refuge. Gogol uses this idea to introduce his approach to literature. There is a universal approach to literature that thrills the old man and the 16 year old girls alike. This type of writer transcends wretched reality and flies like an eagle.

But what about the young man who goes on his travels and has no wife to return to, his sole pleasures are the 'lofty ecstatic laughter of working men'. This is the sort of writer who takes all that we see in front of our noses and presents it back to us as 'a pearl of creation'. This is how Gogol describes himself. He writes at length of how this type of writing is doomed to be misunderstood and criticised.

Happy is the traveller

You can read the text in the above document, it is not easy to read but considering this is as close to revolutionary as it gets (!) I think it is worth the effort.

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