Sunday, September 16, 2012

Macdonald at Penguin Classics

Ross Macdonald is now on the Penguin Classics list! How wonderful. (Launched in July 2012)

Read this article about Macdonald - True Grit

Here is what they say about him:

This month everyone’s talking about Ross Macdonald, the don of hardboiled crime fiction joining the Penguin Modern Classics list in July. His series of novels about the fictional detective Lew Archer have long been admired by writers like William Goldman, Eudora Welty and John Lutz, who said of him: "No once since Macdonald has written with such poetic inevitability about people, their secret cares, their emotional scars, their sadness, cowardice, and courage. He reminded the rest of us of what was possible in our genre." It is this mastery and elevation of his genre into the realms of the literary that warrants Macdonald his place on the list; his subtle characterization, respect for fine prose and Byzantine, complex plotting set him apart from his fellow crime writers, and place him alongside denizens like Dashiel Hammett and Raymond Chandler in the hardboiled hall of fame. Our favourite is The Underground Man, which sees Lew Archer unearthing a hidden history of failed marriages, runaway children, and a man's life consumed by a search for the father who abandoned him. A transfixing storyteller who marries the thrills of detective fiction with the sadness and loneliness of his criminals, warped by poverty and domestic anguish, Macdonald is noir at its most dazzling.
The five gripping stories include: The Underground Man, The Goodbye Look, The Chill, The Drowning Pool, and The Galton Case.

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