Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Churchill offered De Valera N. Ireland

To those unfamiliar with the situation in N. Ireland this may sound trivial. The war in N. Ireland is fought between those loyal to London who want to stay in the United Kingdom and those who want a united Ireland.

At the start of World War II Churchill was terrified at the idea that the Republic of Ireland might become invaded by the Germans, the Germans would then control strategically vital atlantic facing ports.

Churchill made an offer to De Valera that if the British were allowed to use the ports in Republic of Ireland that after the war he would give N. Ireland back to Ireland. This is from 'Battle of Britain' by James Holland. I was quite shocked.

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heavy hedonist said...

I wish I were more shocked. Surprised, yes, as I didn't know this. But the way world leaders bargain with our history, land and loyalties, ignoring the feelings of "home" in us until they serve some greater political purpose, is no longer shocking. In the USA, patriotism is like a form of abuse visited on us by our leaders. Why esle would we care if we're from the North or South of anywhere?