Sunday, June 24, 2012


I have eventually decided, well, I was given a Kindle - and what can you do, I have been using my knidle for about a week now and it is perhaps time to 'confess'.

Perhaps the best thng about having a kindle is that you can think about, decide and own a book within minutes. There is no doubt though that a kindle book is fundamentally different to the traditional book. Whilst you can't hold it or turn a page on the other hand you can bring 10 books with you on the bus and read them all. There are also free books available to download, a variety of classics, plus you can transfer in pdf books that you never got a chance to read before.

I'm a bit worried about the security aspect, basic things like leaving it down, dropping it etc. There isn't even a hole to add a strap. What happens when you go to the beach, old fashioned books still have their uses (!) Plus it is not very easy to lend a book or give it to a second hand bookshop.

I have been reading 'Steel boat, iron hearts' by Hans Goebeler. It is proving an admirable escape. It is the true story of life on U505, a german U-Boat. It is almost like Hans was sitting in front of me telling the story, and WWII from the german perspective is fascinating.

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MorningAJ said...

I'm against the idea that 'kindle' now means any e-reader. I'm against Kindle (the Amazon brand) because they tried to limit files to their own kind. I bought the Sony on principle.

I'm very much in favour of e-readers though. I made a soft cover for mine and carry it with me in my handbag all the time. I've never taken it to the beach - but I have read in the bath using it. And I've never dropped it, so I don't know what happens if you do.

I know it's against the law - but I'll happily share a file with a friend in eactly the same way that I used to share 'books'. I agree about the charity shop angle though.

(But I took lots of old books to the charity shop when I realised I had duplicates in the free files that came with my machine.)