Saturday, December 10, 2011

Held within the love of God

This quote comes from an article discussing the essence of spirituality. Religion should not be seen as a 'tranquilizer' true religion offers a continual quest, a striving, a struggle:

"Yet it would be wrong to view the struggle as our struggle, our work, and wrong to view prayer in this way. All prayer is the work of the spirit, and the struggle is a sharing in his struggle. It is in fact the false tranquility which exhausts the spirit, for it involves a failure to accept the depths in us, and is a covering up of the cracks. True spirituality must begin by an acceptance of the self, but acceptance of the self as held within the love of God, within an active and powerful love which heals.
To be held is not to become passive and return to the womb, but to be torn apart and renewed. To be held is to remain within darkness and doubt, but no longer to see them as the enemies of faith, but as opportunities for faith to grow. The wilderness is the abode of snakes and demons, the place of faithlessness and fornication, the point at which doubt may become black despair. Yet it is in the wilderness that God reveals himself, and men begin to trun towards freedom."

From a letter to 'The Times' by Kenneth Leech, Chaplain of St Augustine's College, Canterbury. 3 August 1974

Read the entire letter here


Christianfictionaddiction said...

Awesome quote, especially the part about God revealing himself in the wilderness!


Igneos said...

Hey Jeremy,

I found the article in an old book, you're right it is pretty incredible!

Darma Yoga said...
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