Monday, September 26, 2011

Aristotle - searching for Primary Substances

According to the 'Categories' by Aristotle the wonder of classification is found in analysing what makes us unique -and not what we have in common. Therefore describing man as an animal or vertebrate or DNA is fundamentally flawed because there are so many other 'men', vertebrates, things depending on DNA. 

So much study and knowledge today is concerned with reducing things to their smallest components when Aristotle saw that it is only as a whole that we can truly know something.

Anyway, still a little bit confused but the 'Categories' is well worth the effort to study.

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Igneos said...

From Nicomachaen Ethics:

"we must not listen to those who urge us to think human thoughts since we are human, and mortal thoughts since we are mortal; rather, we should as far as possible immortalise ourselves and do all we can to live by the finest element in us - for if it is small in bulk, it is far greater than aything else in power and worth."