Friday, April 29, 2011

Las Vegas Noir, Eds Keene & Pierce, Akashic Books - A review

4**** out of 5

Sin city, underground writing, hard core no nonsense, this book hits the spot if you are a noir fan. Bringing things right up to date, all of the stories are good stuff, there is some fun stuff - like a story about the mob setting up a fake rabbi, some dark stuff, some 'even darker yet' stuff that scared me. All in all a good read.

I was disappointed in some of the stories - perhaps they are just not my taste but to me noir is hard-core crime, not a short story that features a gun. Overall there is a good variety of writers. As a man I like the old Chandler style stories but you will be pleased to hear that diversity has reached the crime fraternity and there are plenty of women writers.

I would like to mention Felicia Campbell, her story was unusual, cool and dark. That is one heck of a lady.

'Crip' by Preston L. Allen is one of the best short stories I have read. I have never been so impressed by a story. It has the most magnificent of themes - an ugly character redeemed.

Up until now I wouldn't have considered visiting Las Vegas - now I would consider it and I would like to travel through the desert. I have seen some weird things in the deserts of Peru, like a live pig strapped to the back of a motorcycle but I would love to go on a road trip to Las Vegas.

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Igneos said...

"If in Act I you have a pistol hanging on the wall, then it must fire in the last act." Chekov