Thursday, February 17, 2011

Man was created in the image of God

I have been reading F.D. Maurice lately and he ismuch impressed by a sermon preached by Robert South in the Cathedral Church of St Paul, London, November 9, 1662. I must admit I am impressed by the 'rare eloquence' too.

Try this for a new perspective on Adam as the first philosopher:

"It was the privilege of Adam innocent to have these also firm and untainted; to carry his monitor in his bosom, his law in his heart, and to have such a conscience as might be its own casuist. And certainly those actions must needs be regular, where there is an identity between the Rule and the Faculty. His own mind taught him a due dependence on God, and chalked out to him the just proportion and measures of behaviour to his fellow-creatures. He had no Catechism but Creation, needed no study but Reflection; read no book but the volume of the world, and that, too, not for rules to work by, but for Objects to work upon. Reason was his Tutor, and first Principles his Magna Moralia."


Igneos said...

I now have a complete copy of this sermon, if anyone is interested.

Igneos said...

That expression of Adam reminds me of a certain person leaving a 4-day course today!