Sunday, January 16, 2011

Journey to the end of the night

I have started to read 'Journey to the end of the night' by Louis-Ferdinand Céline. A controversial classic, it starts in the carnage of World War I. The writer is disgusted with the waste of life and the futility of war. It is strongly written, gritty even. Although the writing is not perhaps as elegant or polished it is real and you are in turns disgraced and laughing, it is also humorous and I am enjoying reading it. At times you are left gasping at the harshness of the reality and then laughing on the next page.

On the battlefield he is sent out at night to search out how far the enemy has approached. He describes his heart as follows:
"My heart, a rabbit, warm in its little rib cage, fearful, cowering, bewildered."

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