Sunday, January 16, 2011

Engels and Marx differ on morals

I have re-started 'The Frock-Coated Communist' by Tristram Hunt on the life of Engels and I have been emerged in the start of the communist league. A little bit before the start of communism we find Engels and Marx have a slight difference of opinion concerning Engels bringing his 'good time girls' to meetings with Marx in Brussels. 

Although it is hotly disputed, it is reported that marx and his wife would frown on Engels as he paraded a string of lovers. Hunt tries to make an issue of the fact that one of the world's greatest revolutionaries had moral issues with Engels. I think it is interesting but it was most probably the society they were involved in, Brussels was quite conservative compared to Paris.

Stephen Born was there in Brussels and reports:

"Among those present were Marx and his wife and Engels and his ... lady friend. The two couples were separated by a large room. When I approached Marx to greet him and his wife, he gave me a look and a meaningful smile that let me know that his wife strictly refused all contact with this ... lady friend. The noble woman was intransigent when it came to honouring mores. If anyone had the impertinence to demand of her that she make a concession in this regard, she would have refused indignantly."

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