Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thailand cautionary tale

Prisoners Abroad Thailand blog

I think all those reading this blog should have a look at this blog. It is a warning note to all those who know someone or might be planning on travelling to Thailand themselves. I must admit I am tempted to travel there but would rather be aware of some of the traps highlighted in this blog.

Basically the police and the local people are out to get troublesome tourists who want to get drunk or high quick. We might consider the punishments a bit harsh but we need to remember it is the tourists who have invaded their beautiful country.

Teilhard and the Question of Suffering

Teilhard and the Question of Suffering

I was quite pleased that Global Spiral placed an article on Teilhard by John Haught on their front page. Unfortunately it is slightly over-technical but worth a glance if you are interested in the problem of evil and suffering.

Monday, December 27, 2010

The Thin Man

Happy Christmas to all my readers, I trust you were treated well and Santa arrived with plenty of book tokens(!) I have just finished 'The Thin Man' and I am a confirmed Hammett addict. This is worth more than 'of note' status. This book is truly worthy of 'good read' status, in fact I gobbled it down like a thin man eating a Christmas dinner!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Amilcar Cabral - Tell no lies, Claim no easy victories

Amilcar Cabral

We could all learn by reading this essay.

Educate ourselves; educate other people, the population in general, to fight fear and ignorance, to eliminate little by little the subjection to nature and natural forces which our economy has not yet mastered. Convince little by little, in particular the militants of the Party, that we shall end by con­quering the fear of nature, and that man is the strongest force in nature.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

What is language?

Just a small note to acknowledge that I have become a 'Top Professor'. Apparently they reckon this blog is quite good and I have added a new section to the bottom of this page with my copious number of awards.

As laughable as this is, I felt the need to point out that 'English' is not the quaint outdated Received Pronounciation that some people like to think new speakers of english should be aspiring to. My basic idea is that language is communication and the new forms of english that we see around the world are equally valid - as long as the people involved understand what is going on, rather than fussing over spelling and grammar. As you can see from my blog - I am far from perfect!