Thursday, August 19, 2010

What is now to be done ...

" What is now to be done ? Must Truth be for ever in the dark, and the world for ever be divided, and societies disturbed, and governments weakened, and our spirits debauched with error, and the uncertain opinions and the pedantry of talking men ? Certainly there is a way to cure all this evil, and the wise Governor of the world hath not been wanting in so" necessary a matter as to lead us into all truth. But the way hath not yet been hit upon, and yet I have told you all the ways of man, and his imaginations, in order to Truth and Peace ; and you see these will not do ; we can find no rest for the soles of our feet, amidst all the waters of contention and disputations, and little artifices of divided schools .... We have examined all ways but one, all but God's way. Let us, having missed all the others, try this." Bp. Taylor, Via Intelligentae.

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