Monday, July 26, 2010

Boxed in

There is a particularly good article on the boxer Shane Mosley in this weeks edition of the New Yorker. 

Boxed in

It is quite a balanced article on the 38 year old boxer, his life and his training methods and follows him as he goes to fight Floyd Mayweather. The trainer Richardson describes boxing as something far more than mere physical strength - 'Shane's power is more confidence than actual power, this motherfucker believe in that shot so much, to where that shot is like that.' he goes on - 'The gorilla is the strongest motherfucker in the zoo, but you ain't never seen that bitch walk by with the keys.'

Then Larry Merchant (HBO boxing commentator since 1978) captures the show with the following quote: "Floyd Mayweather is usually the most exciting fighter before the first bell, Shane Mosley after the first bell."

In the end Mayweather perfects the style of boxing and wins - the name of the sport, is also the name of the style.

Mosley trains in Big Bear Lake, California, where most of the interviews take place, hence the location of this post.

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