Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Yacoubian Building

Alaa Al-Aswaany

I would like to recommend this podcast. I listened to it first before reading the above book and it certainly proves to be just as compelling as it sounds on the podcast.

It is quite interesting to read something where the characters live according to their flaws and receive what is expected and probably according to the Muslim world - what they deserve. There are many different characters, some pleasant, some unpleasant, with some humorous moments, some very sombre moments. One question we must ask ourselves is - is the west really very different, especially with some of the scandals and corruption that we find even today.

That is all apart from one unfortunate character who certainly deserved the best of all possible outcomes and received nothing but unhappiness.

As a pure and honest insight into life in Cairo we are assured it is genuine and for that if nothing else it is worth reading.

Architecture of decency

Architecture of Decency from Speaking of Faith. This episode with Andrew Freear from the Rural Studio, Alabama is very interesting.

Monday, June 28, 2010


I must give a mention to Raymond Chandler and Philip Marlowe who have become quite a phenomena. I have read two of his books over the past three weeks and the way things are going I will probably read all seven relatively quickly. Brilliant writing, ultimate thriller storylines, dark characters. Thankyou to Jose who first strongly recommended Chandler to me quite a while ago.


Another short note from me to recommend searching out 'Ion' by Euripides - bound to be a couple of copies in your local secondhand bookshop. It is worth the effort, I found the Vellacott translation and found it compelling with a very contemporary appeal. The story still feels as if it could have been written in relatively modern times.