Thursday, April 01, 2010

Organisational Development

I have been reading a book on 'Organisational Development', merely because it is something that I know very little about. I was quite shocked to find that this book was written in 1984 and one of the most basic assumptions and aim that it writes about is still a problem even though it is now 26 years after this book has been written.

There are two basic assumptions that OD makes about individuals:

"The first assumption about people is that most individuals have drives toward personal growth and development if provided an environment that is both supportive and challenging. Most people want to become more of what they are capable of becoming."

I think most people would agree this is still quite difficult to find and I would like to see it framed above the door of every single office and factory in the whole of the UK.

The second basic assumption is even more applicable today and I would think is still attempted but largely ignored I would say by most employers:

"The second basic assumption, related to the first, is that most people desire to make, and are capable of making, a higher level of contribution to the attainment of organisational goals than most organisational environments will permit. A tremendous amount of constructive energy can be tapped if organisations recognise this, for example, by asking for and acting on suggestions to solve problems."

I completely agree and this is why everybody should read about organisational development!

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