Thursday, February 04, 2010

What is faith? #2

As normal I have the canny ability to come across other books that reflect on my last post.

Mario Vargas Llosa in 'Conversation in the Cathedral' has the following to say about doubt. This is typical of the irreverent Limeño.

"They should have invented a pill, a suppository to work against doubts, Ambrosio," Santiago says. "Just think how beautiful, you stick it in and there you are: I believe."

Can't help laughing at this - surely there could be a punk song about this.

Alternatively Thomas Carlyle in 'Signs of the Times':

"so that reasonable men deal with it, as the Londoners do with their fogs, - go cautiously out into the groping crowd, and patiently carry lanterns at noon; knowing by a well-grounded faith, that the sun is still in existence."

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