Saturday, January 23, 2010


As Armstrong points out the idea of 'One God' is shared by three religions - Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Not just as Dawkins would like to criticise - Christianity. The history of the three religions is something new to me. I have found it fascinating.

I was not aware that when Isam started it was known as tazakka ('refinement'). The followers were uneasy about even creating a new religion. It was a way of life and you could follow the bible as a Christian or Jew and still practise the commitment of Isalm. In the Qu'ran the people who opposed Islam are called Kafirun, This has been mistranslated as infidel or unbeliever, it should be translated as 'blatant ingratitude', a discourteous and arrogant refusal of something offered with great kindness. There was no sense of aggression or dislike the attitude to those who were aggressive towards them was to be as follows:

"Muslims are commanded to respond to such abusive behaviour with hilm ('forebearance') and quiet courtesy, leaving revenge to Allah. They must 'walk gently on the earth', and whenever the Kafirun insult them, they should simply reply: 'Salam' ('peace')."

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