Saturday, January 23, 2010

The case for God

I bought Karen Armstrong's 'The Case for God' thinking that at last someone has decided to take on Dawkins. The book is heavy going - definitely not easy and it doesn't seem to be trying to counter Dawkins but if he does have the sense to read it - and read it the whole way through perhaps it could work as such.

Armstrong goes back to the very beginning, asking 'who is God', 'what is faith' and to be honest I have found as many new ideas and startling insights as anyone. For the ordinary person looking for some ammo to go against Dawkins they will probably come out more confused than when they started. Remember as Armstrong has said 'it is not easy, because religion is not easy' - I think that is a cautionary note for ordinary people as much for the 'brights' such as Dawkins.

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