Saturday, June 27, 2009

Not that I would boast but my daughter - Isabella, 15 months old is an excellent writer. She can write her own name!

The truth about Globalisation

More agony for steel workers

I recently bought the above book by Philippe Legrain. Legrain seeks to point out that the anti-globalisation protestors have to a certain extent misunderstood globalisation. Globalisation is blamed for all our troubles too easily.

Even though this book was written in 2003 on Thursday I heard the above news about the loss of steel workers jobs and even though the recession is blamed there does seem to be a trend for a loss of unskilled jobs and in general these job losses were blamed on other countries doing the same job for lower wages - globalisation.

Legrain points out that in the USA the amount of imported steel is extremely limited and controlled. You can't really blame cheap labour for the massive job losses that have been experienced. In developed countries it is more likely to be the increase in technology that causes job losses. At Sparrows Point Steel plant in Baltimore 3500 workers produce as much steel today as 30,000 workers did in the past. It is important that if we decide to protest that we know what the problem is first. Perhaps we need to be honest and admit to ourselves that technology is our invention and it does cause job losses. Once we know the problem - we can work on the solution and the devastation facing those steel workers in NE England would suggest that we still have not worked this problem out.

Thursday, June 25, 2009



This is wonderful - just came across it.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Dubious Battle

I am convinced I made a previous post about 'In Dubious Battle' but I can't find it. You can always tell a good book when you pick it up after 4 months and in one page it blows you away!

The basic story is this guy joins up with the communists in depression era USA and goes traveling with migrant workers to start up strikes. They come across a group of men and the leaders daughter is about to give birth. They step in and the traveling companion pretends to be a doctor. The baby is born and he asks his friend - I didn't know you had a medical background, I don't he said but it was a risk worth taking and I got everybody working together. Leaders have to have a method - a way of making people see that everyone is different, everyone wants to make individual gain but if people work together, they can achieve more than what they would achieve if they did it on their own.

It may be a little bit out of fashion but it is good to see that fiction can still grasp the essence of a political or philosophical theory in one page that we might struggle to grasp otherwise.