Saturday, March 28, 2009

World Without End

Ken Follett has written a majestic epic about medieval life in England between 1327 and 1361. Whilst it is a moderately good read, the story revolves around 4 children who grow up the period of the plague and wars between France and England. At times it is almost a marginally better textbook on medieval history with diverse themes such as cathedral design and the evolution of weaving machinery. It is just a pity they could not write a textbook like this on environmental geochemistry - perhaps that will be the book I will write.

This book has kept me going over the past three months, it is comforting to have a 1000 page 'thriller' to read. The characters are interesting, in particular there is a girl who is accused of witchcraft, becomes a nun, lives with a man in the monastery and then writes a famous textbook on medical treatment of the plague.

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