Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cohesive teams

"Cohesive teams are needed for day-to-day issues. Spontaneous learning networks that have open conflict and dialogue are vital to handling strategic issues."Ralph Stacey

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Postcard from Cees Nooteboom

Not that I would name drop or anything but after my trip before last to Peru I sent a letter to Cees Nooteboom and I got this reply. I mentioned to him about the time I was milking a cow in the Peruvian forest when a calf came forward. He had a vampire bite on his neck and he was an orphan. When I tried to give him milk he shook his head and refused. I also mentioned that it was quite strange that he should talk about the importance of being 'orange'. As people from Northern Ireland will know being an orangeman means something very different to Holland. In Holland you are a member of the royal family in Belfast you are a member of the Orange Order.


Amsterdam - Voetboogsteeg bar
"The Voetboogsteed bar was long and dark, designed for customers of the Exchange and provincials, low characters too craven to go to the whores and too stingy to keep a mistress. Instead, they came to the divine twilight in this scotch-checkered bar to peer into Lyda's vast white bosom, a pleasure that had to be paid for with an unending stream of creme-de-menthe sodas. That had been the reason he fell in love, that slow river of green liquid disappearing into her wide mouth. That and the silver-gray sprayed, ludicrously tall hairdo, and those large white breasts of which so much and yet too little was visible, and the fact that she was more than a head taller than Inni. "I am all green inside," she used to say periodically, and that, too, excited him."

From p.7-8 'Rituals' by Cees Nooteboom

5 Assumptions of modern organisational thinking

I started reading an interesting book last week - 'Strategic management and Organisational dynamics: The challenge of complexity' by Ralph D Stacey.

Modern organisation thinking the sort of thing that all organisations use to manage and control workers are based on 5 assumptions that are not necessarily true and if we were to think about them and the history of modern philosophy it might just make things work slightly better than they normally do because as everyone is aware - new strategies and programmes of change are necessary but rarely work.

I. That organisations are systems
II. That the system is external to the individual
III. Individuals are primary and autonomous
IV. Individual actions construct the system
V. Individuals can plan and design the movement of a system.