Saturday, June 30, 2007

Security Measures

Yet again, we have two entirely unpredictable and unexpected terror attacks in the UK. It seems that the 'security men' are not deterring these attacks. Why should we sit so meekly and face all the delays when security men do all their bizarre liquid, body searching and questioning all based on what has been attempted before today. Do they not think that terrorists do not know what security measures are being used? Do they not suspect that since liquids have been banned and there has been huge expense and mothers have had to throw out milk and ordinary tourists lose their aftershave - what is this all for? Has it stopped the attacks? No. No. No.

For all our security and our hi-tech gadgetry, we are still under attack, in fact I think we are now in a worse position than what we were in 10 years ago.

Now, as you all know, I have a hatred of security checks, they are unnecessary, they are rude and they are ineffective. No terrorist is going to use a liquid bomb, I suspect ever again, even if they allow liquids in our hand baggage again. They are at this moment dreaming up new types of bombs, they are putting all of their energy into how to plan the next attack and while they are doing this, we are not and will never win the war against terror.

UK has had two attacks in the last two days, this shows how effective we have been, I would say we don't have a clue and it is going to get worse. The world is not a safe place.

The only way we can can stop the terrorists is by stopping the reasons and causes that the terrorists join up. We have ignored this, we have not tried preventative action, we have not even tried to understand their cause. Talking is the only way, positive action is even better, but whilst smug security men sit seizing aftershave and babies milk the poor people of Afghanistan and Iraq sit in desperation, they see their hopes crushed and unless we do something about their lives and even if we just tried talking, we might reduce the level of terror.

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