Thursday, May 17, 2007

The teacher as protagonist

I have had a very interesting comment from a reader in Turkey concerning my post on B.S. Johnson (I include my brief reply):


I am terribly upset about finding Albert Angelo. ı live in turkey. thus I couldn't find a way to purchuase it. I am interested in the novels and short stories whose pratogonist is a teacher for my postgraduate thesis. Can you suggest some????

8:01 PM


This is definitely something that deserves a front page post. Off the top of my head I can think of two quite different examples. 'The Last Summer' by Boris Pasternak has the main character as a tutor who has a romantic connection with one of the other girls in the family he is living with. On a completely different level how about the Indiana Jones films series where you have the main character as a university lecturer.

9:48 PM

Some may scoff at the idea of Indiana Jones but I have just checked Amazon and there are about 20 childrens novels on indiana jones and I am quite sure that he is probably still a university lecturer in these books and that children could be considered as getting a perception of the teaching profession from these books.

I am also reminded of the famous Mr Gradgrind from the Dickens novel 'Hard Times' a dictatorial teacher in Victorian England - I haven't read the book myself but it is another good example.

I would also suggest to Daral that if he can afford it, it is possible to order from or - even if you live elsewhere in the world. There may be an issue with the postal service but there shouldn't be a problem buying the books. (Also I can vouch for secondhand - most secondhand sellers on Amazon are decent and they sell v cheap books).

If anybody else has any suggestions I am sure they would help Daral.