Friday, April 06, 2007

A new beginning

I don't know how it happened but I picked up the biography of John Adams tonight and I started to read about the events of July 2nd 1776. John Adams was one of the main figures arguing for the process of American Independence. This is strikingly reminiscent of today in Belfast because here we have Ian Paisley arguing strongly for devolution and our own government whilst all around him people are criticising him and trying to move backwards when here we are, with one crucial chance to create our own future for once. I can't believe it that anyone would consider direct rule to give us a future especially considering the mess, the lazy and arrogant direct rule ministers have left us in.

John Adams faced almost the same thing. The British government were sending a fleet of 400 ships and they had to decide if they were ready to fight for their own independence. John Dickinson, the main opponent, said they were about to 'brave the storm in a skiff made of paper'. We are not ready - that is what people are saying, the deal is not good enough, the conditions are not right. I hope we are brave enough to weather this storm.

Adams wrote in his journal:

"Some people must have time to look around them, before behind, on the right hand, and on the left, and then to think, and after all this to resolve. Others see at one intuitive glance into the past and the future, and judge with precision at once. But remember you can't make thirteen clocks strike precisely alike at the same second."

How true!

And when we look at the health system, education, corporation charges, and all the millions of things that need to be changed the following lines from John Adams also ring true:

"Objects of the most stupendous magnitude, measures in which the lives and liberties of millions, born and unborn are most essentially interested are now before us. We are in the very midst of revolution, the most complete, unexpected, and remarkable of any in the history of the world."

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