Sunday, January 28, 2007

Go Shilpe!

Occasionally I do allow myself to make a post about things that are outside the sphere of books! I must admit that I feel quite proud that Shilpe won Celebrity Big Brother and that for once, we have a chance to reflect on the distasteful aspect of English culture that we see in so-called celebrities such as Jade.

I must admit I still have a soft spot for Jade, she is just ignorant and has been taken advantage of for not being bright. The issue we have is that when it comes to racism a lot of people depend on being told what is rascist, rather than going out and finding out what is really going on. Too many people are happy to accept that we can create a 'wordlist' of rascist terms and that as long as we don't say these words they are not rascist.

This is not the case when we have 'poppadom' being a rascist word. All of a sudden the PC 'big brothers' are rushing out and modifying their word lists in a huge panic, I find it quite amusing. The reality is that rascism is not about words, it is about tolerance and acceptance and treating people with dignity. Shilpe has been a perfect example of this, she has shown how forgiveness and kindness can make someone strong.

If Tony Blair wants to find out what is wrong with the UK, he only has to look at Celebrity Big Brother. He has to realise that the education system has failed Jade and it is failing a whole generation. It has failed to teach people how to think, it has failed to give people values. It is too concerned with giving people an education 'they can use' rather than giving an education 'to make them a person'.

The problem is that the subjects that teach us how to find values, how to think are exactly the same subjects that have been victimised as being 'pie-in-the-sky'. It is history, literature, philosophy, religion, art, music that help us to be better people and it is these subjects that have suffered the most because vocational subjects have become the big thing.

I am proud that Shilpe won, I am proud that we had three non-UK people in the last three and all three of them were disgusted with how British people behave.

I still feel sympathy for Jade, even if that totally contradicts my entire argument!

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