Thursday, December 14, 2006

Saving souls

Everyone probably knows that here in Ipswich we currently have a serial killer on the loose. The media are going berserk and all of a sudden they are very concerned about the welfare of prostitutes.
In 'Twenty Thousand Streets under the sky' by Patrick Hamilton, I am reading a fascinating story about a young man who falls in love with a prostitute in Soho in the 1930s. Here in this extract, the character Prunella is describing an hilarious incident she had with an evangelist:
"What happened then?" asked Jenny.
"Well - so I gives it to him, and he says 'Thank you very much,' he says. An' I says 'Not at all. Pleased to have met you, dear. So he says 'Well I'll be going,' so I shakes his hand and says 'By all means, dear.' 'And' I says 'In future, dear,'I says,' don't hang around trying to save prostitutes' souls.' So he says 'No I won't.' So I says 'They ain't got none, dear. They're a rough lot. You run along.' An' he doesn't half do a bunk out of that place."

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