Sunday, October 15, 2006


The second part of 'Le Milieu Divin' by Teilhard is dedicated to 'The Divinisation of our Passivities' something that sounds incredibly complex and is in reality very simple. Teilhard says that a large part of ourselves is not decided or chosen by us it is 'imposed' and accepted by us with relatively little thought.

This is something that is quite common today. There are so many things that I accept and that I work with and I don't really consider them important they are just aspects of life that I have no control over.

At the very start of this chapter Teilhard describes how he started to meditate to try to find what was really 'him' and what was really just what society had imposed on him. As he tried to separate the 'surface' world and go down he found himself experiencing the following:

"At that moment, as anyone else will find who cares to make this same interior experiment, I felt the distress characteristic to a particle adrift in the universe, the distress which makes human wills founder daily under the crushing number of living things and of stars. And if something saved me, it was hearing the voice of the Gospel, guaranteed by divine successes, speaking to me from the depth of the night: ego sum, noli timere (It is I, be not afraid)."

This is possibly something that comes close to what might be known today as a 'mystical' experience and in this we can see Teilhard identifying with contemporary man.

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