Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mr Durning

Turning through my drawers at work yesterday I found a collection of stories by James Thurber - 'Thurber Country' and I found a collection of letters which had me laughing almost hysterically. It is true that the funniest letters are often the real ones, especially concerning beaurocracy.

In 'Mr Durning' there is a series of letters concerning the fact that some friends in France have sent Thurber a bottle of Cointreau for Christmas. They did not realise that due to Prohibition this bottle was seized by the government prior to being destroyed. Thurber is made of stronger stuff and attempts to wade through the beaurocracy applying for a licquor license and writing about 10 letters over three months trying to get this bottle of alcohol.

In the end he triumphantly recieves the bottle and it was very very amusing.

Thurber likes to draw his own cartoons and whilst this dog isn't associated with the above story, I love this mild mannered simple dog, it seems to represent Thurber, mild mannered, bumbling simple but still pleasant and appealing.

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