Monday, June 05, 2006

Future echoes in the dark

On Saturday I got a random email, it looked like spam and the text intrigued me because it was a recommendation to read 'Future echoes in the dark' by Robert Turner. I had a brief look and initially I wasn't impressed but I emailed Robert and he explained that he thought I might be interested in reading the book. I will admit that it is a fantasy book, one genre that I am not really too keen on but you have to give him credit - no publisher was interested in it, he is obviously passionate enough to self-publish.

At first glance I can see why the publishers are a little shy. The book is a mixture of modern life and a fantasy land, although the fantasy has been given a definite time in history when Christianity is referred to as the 'Catholic church' but there are still adherents to older religions. Add to this mix characters of different races such as the equivalent of elves and a girl who has heat vision and you create a hearty mix.

I would prefer a definite location, in a way when you start to mention historic events it places the book at a specific time and this mucks up the reader - but I could be proved wrong.

I am also intrigued by the parallel with greek literature. There you have mythical characters, gods and goddesses all playing their part.

Then you this made up 'religion of thieves'. Led by a goddess that like her adherents to steal. Interestingly I just bought a secondhand book on the thuggee cult of India. I think Rob would find this era of history fascinating especially a book written by a police detective investigating and getting a confession from a thuggee cult member (see 'The Temple of Doom'). I personally prefer my books to have that sort of basis in reality.

One aspect of the fantasy genre that does interest me is the idea of 'hidden or elite knowledge'. The idea that it is only computer hackers who are aware of the end of the world or one department of astronomers who see a comet coming. This is elaborated into entire hidden races such as vampires or individuals such as Spiderman or Superman.

Rob has generously offered to send me a free copy of the book in return for a review from me. Here are the details below if anyone wants to look it up on Amazon:

Future echoes in the dark by Robert Turner

Product Details:

  • Paperback 232 pages (June 30, 2006)
  • Publisher: Darksight Publishing
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 0955263107


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