Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunny day!

The first sunny day in ages and I am nowed under with study. I have to finish an assignment on upgrading a computer and designing a network and it is not working out that easy! I realised I have not posted any pictures in a while. Here is what I should be reading:

(If you click on it you can almost read what I am reading!) Meanwhile my friend the african blue lizard is having a wonderful time just lazing at the window in the strong sunshine:

OK so you the lizard is made out of blue beads, but still enjoying the sun. I also have to show you the new favourite item that I have. Isabel bought me this yesterday. It is a hand turned Yew handled magnifying glass. I can be a true nature detective now (you can also see my bookshelf again - contrast it now with 5/10/05):

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