Friday, April 14, 2006

Evolutionary progress

Yesterday I had a few minutes to spare and I was reading an essay on Teilhard by Bernard Towers. It is funny how today after- 46 years after this was written that we are still having to face up to scientism reductionists who want to make man no more than an advanced ape:

"We can no longer think of ourselves, as did some of Huxley's audiences in the nineteenth century, as no more than advanced apes with no more responsibility than befits an ape. That is evolutionary regress, not progress. Teilhard, however, is absolutely consistent in his interpretation of the nature of evolution. Further progress can only be through the personal sanctification of the species, personal because, as always, the evolutionary process must work actually work through individual members of the species."

For some reason, even though I have been crazily busy these past few day I cannot stop thinking about this.

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