Sunday, March 05, 2006

Short poem

Here is a short poem I wrote, must post a pic of Clulow park:

Billy Clulow Park

One sunny morning I was angry

Listening to jazz, I went to buy milk

As I said I was angry

Anger is pain

It stops things moving

My mind was stopped

And consumed with a raging fire

I thought to myself

What would be the 70s reaction?

What would Steve McQueen do?

And as the snow melted

And I kicked the mud

I started to dance.

All in Billy Clulow Park

An old lady sat smoking and her dog stared at me

Even the cat, my hated enemy received a friendly smile

And I wished it would go

But like pain

It doesn’t do what it is told . . .

Perhaps Steve McQueen would sort it out!

by Rod White

1 comment:

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