Saturday, March 04, 2006

Science and Religion

A few of you will know that I have an interest in the whole debate about science and religion, you might also know that I have a degree in geology, you might also know that I have an interest in Teilhard de Chardin who to me proposes quite a unique approach to science and religion.

I have a particular problem at the moment with Richard Dawkins. Yes he is brilliant at talking about science. I appreciate that he was one of the first scientists to really populise and promote science. However he seems to have the idea that science is the answer to everything and therefore religion is superstitious nonsense. I find it particularly hurtful when he goes on TV and alleges that to be a scientist you also have to be an atheist. I have no problem with scientists talking about nature and evolution but when they start to say that God cannot be proven scientifically therefore we all must become atheists I am disgusted. Basically Dawkins has become a scientific fundamentalist. He has no idea what religion really is and proof of this is his statement that all evil that exists today is down to religion.

Science to me is not a religion, it does not dictate what we should believe or how we should behave. It is scientists who blame politicians for 'forcing' them to invent the nuclear bomb. It is scientists who invent biological and chemical weapons because 'that is what they are paid to do'. Science should not have the right to tell people what to believe. Science explains what happens, it doesn't explain 'why' things happen.

The picture above is a photo of sunset over Blackpool beach on New Years day 2006 (click on the picture and see if you can spot Isabel). It is only a representation, a 2D view of something that was 3D or even 4D. So when God wrote the Bible he had to present things things to us in a simplified manner. (See C. S. Lewis 'Transposition'.)

Dawkins and many other scientists have gone on to insult Teilhard de Chardin. I have a particular interest in Teilhard. I find his work profound and beautiful, he is also quite difficult to understand. However there is no point in trying to say that Christianity and science can never be reconciled because of Teilhard. It is a complete misrepresentation for one thing, sure Teilhard may have said some strange things but there are many other people who have argued that science and religion are not in conflict.

Galileo Galilei has long been advanced by science as the one who finally and completely removed the credibility of religion. Anyone who thinks this is the truth needs to read what Galileo actually said in his Letter to the Grand Duchess Christina:

"the intention of the Holy Ghost is to teach us how one goes to heaven, not how heaven goes."

Watch this space for more information about Teilhard de Chardin.

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