Sunday, March 19, 2006

Finished Saul and Patsy moving on to Gogol

With the past 45 minutes I finished 'Saul and Patsy' and I am still feeling a little bit uncertain. It is a brilliant read, had me hooked to the very end but I am not sure if I am convinced about the ending but that is the luxury of all readers, we all want a book to end in a way that we would have liked.

You'll need to read it to see if you agree with me :)

I started to read 'Diary of a madman' by Gogol tonight. The story is about a clerk in the Russian civil service, the lowest of the low (know how that is) who falls in love with the daughter of the director. As if that isn't crazy enough, the clerk forms a relation with the dog that belongs to the daughter. They write letters to each other and the clerk is fuming because the dog writes non-stop about the other dogs she sees out the window and doesn't want to tell him about the daughter. Keeps me smiling.

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