Wednesday, March 08, 2006

B. S. Johnson was a genius

One of the books I have wanted to buy and bought recently was 'Like a fiery elephant' the story of B. S. Johnson by Johnathan Coe. If anything so that Johnson can be explained to me. I love to read his novels but they are bizarre, experimental. To be honest I am really enjoying this biography. One passage quoted is from the end of 'Christy Malry's own double entry', this passage reflects his active view on the relationship between reader and writer:

"'Yes, Christie you go on to the end,' I assured him, and myself went on: 'Surely no reader will wish me to invent anything further, surely he or she can extrapolate only too easily from what has gone before?'
'If there is a reader,' said Christie. 'Most people won't read it.'
'Politicians, policemen, some educators and many others treat "most people" as idiots.'
'So writers may too?'"

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