Saturday, February 11, 2006

Strange dream

I want to tell you all about a very strange dream that I had. I was going through some of my old books. There is a certain bookcase in my Mums house that has all the books I had as a child. I found a book about Japanese poetry. I thought to myself ‘why did I never read this?’ As it turned out, the book was an electronic learning device. I had to insert different kinds of batteries into the back, I had all except one.

Then on each page there was a poem with a number of lights. One light was lit – the sun. You had to press the buttons on the poem that you thought had the most beautiful lines and when you did this three lights would shine out of the page!

Very strange. It was a very real dream too, I woke up thinking where is this book, I have to get it and go into town to get that battery.

Typical of me to dream about a book, if anybody knows about this book, it would be good if you could tell me!


John said...

Sounds like the book in Neal Stephenson's "The Diamond Age."

Igneos said...

It seems to be the way technology is going. Technology is definitely not the answer to poetry, we can't understand everything.