Saturday, January 28, 2006

Divine 'condescension'

Picked up a book yesterday on 'The Gospels and the Jesus of History'. Finding the real Jesus in the gospels is one of the mysteries that I am very interested in. Xavier Leon-Dufour makes an interesting case to point out that modern criticism has a very narrow approach to the gospels.

One of the theories that has been proposed is that God had to be condescending to us. There is no way we could understand what he is trying to tell us and he conveyed his message to us in the Bible in a way that we could understand. He adopted our way of thinking in order to help us to understand.

Leon-Dufour also make the same point as George Tyrrell that modern theorists have no right to completely rationalise the Bible. Those that take all the supernatural out of the Bible and doubt everything are simply 'looking down a deep well and seeing a reflection of themselves'.

"If a man claims to have a truly critical mind, then he must not uncritically accept rationalism as an unquestionable dogma; far too many people have done so in the past, and this has paralysed their thinking as soon as they encounter religious facts for which there is no neat rationalist explanation" P.20

It is also quite humourous to think of some grey haired scholar going to heaven and God telling him that the Bible was childrens stories. Just imagine!

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