Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Today I finished 'All the flowers are dying'! All 288 pages, quite amazingly in 5 days. It was a real blast. I've forgotten how good those crime fiction books can be when they really get going. Yes, at times it was a bit too violent for my tastes but overall it was a solid fascinating chilling book.

The story is about a killer who kills young boys and then deliberately frames another stranger who is then executed. This very clever criminal then comes after Matt Scudder the ex-PI that Block has written about for years.

Paedophilia is one of those topics that is almost feared today. It seems that no matter how well known or respected a person is, if he is accused of paedophilia everyone assumes his guilt. This is what happens to Preston Applewhite. Evidence is planted on him that would indicate he had killed 3 young boys. No one doubted his guilt and the police accepted the evidence quite happily, he was then executed.

Block has created a PI who thinks a great deal, prehaps too much but thankfully he hasn't turned him into a left wing sympathiser for the criminal. The book is very cleverly written and there are a couple of gut wrenching twists, completely unlike the traditional 'whodunnit' and that caught me completely by surprise (books rarely surprise me!).

I loved it and now I have moved on to McCall Smith and it seems to be more mellow and thoughtful - the main character is a middle aged female philosopher from Edinburgh. Slightly different to a recovering alcoholic in New York but still seems to be interesting.

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