Friday, July 08, 2005

This is a dark day for London. Forgive me but this post isn't going to be reading related. A lot of my reading has concerned the rise of terrorism and fundamentalism in the world. I feel strongly for London, especially considering our experience in Belfast. I was born during a time of bombs in Belfast, July 1972.

What we learnt in Belfast and what the world needs to learn is that terrorists can not be fought physically. They are by nature anonymous, silent threats and as someone famous once said, 'if you want to hide a leaf go to the forest' so it is with terrorists.

All efforts to fight terrorism by force will merely strengthen them. Instead we need to be cunning and analyse the situation, try to understand them. One very positive thing is to work against poverty in the world. Dialogue, though controversial, is in the end one of the only things we can do if we want to stop them.

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