Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Last week I started to read 'The Porter and the Three Girls of Baghdad' part of the Tales from the Thousand and One nights. I have never read anything so mysterious, exotic and fascinating. Full of djinn, one eyed dervishes and other strange phenomena, this is a book to be read late at night prefereably outloud around a campfire. This one little exerpt captures the whole mystery and the strangeness. Here one of the one-eyed dervishes is reflecting on all the events that happened to him:

"I pondered over all that had befallen me from beginning to end; how I had escaped the highwaymen of the desert and how I met the tailor, my amorous sojourn with the young woman in the secret palace and my deliverance from the jinnee, my life as an ape and my purchase by the king, the loss of my eye and the breaking of the spell. Nevertheless I thanked Allah, saying: 'Better a lost eye than death.'"

Many of the incidents involve a man being told he can do anything he wants except open that door or ask a certain question and in the end they become so curious that they do the thing and then everything goes chaotic and crazy.

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