Sunday, June 26, 2005

Jim Wallis in 'The Independent Magazine'

There was a very interesting article yesterday about Jim Wallis in 'The Independent Magazine'. Jim Wallis is well known for being a christian leader favouring the left side of politics. I think it is fascinating that a Christian leader is standing up in USA and saying that perhaps Bush and the Christian right aren't the best way to be. I have heard of Jim Wallis, about ten years ago but he was quickly forgotten and I have just assumed that he was forgotten. No, Jim is back and he has already stood up to Bush when he arranged for a letter of protest to be written against Bush when he visited Calvin College in Chicago.

Here is a paragraph from the last page of the article:

"There is a golden opportunity to reverse the tide now, he believes, because the right has over-reached and, to at least some extent, begun to lose its audience. 'All over this country there are people of faith who don't see their faith represented in the media, in the way religion was used in the election, in the way it is invoked in the White House or the Congress. They hear the shrill tones of the religious right, an the disdainful tones of the secular left, but they don't hear themselves. They are a silent majority, if you like, and they feel their voice has been left out."

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