Thursday, June 02, 2005

I realise that the last comment was not properly answered. In reply to the comments from my last post the reason I was a little bit annoyed with the film was that when I was reading the book I felt a turmoil because both of the characters situations were equally understandable, I genuinely didn't know how the situation should be resolved. I felt sympathy for the alcoholic and sympathy for the immigrant. In the film I think this didn't come across. Fair enough, the book is never the same as the film but that was the most important aspect to me.

About the Iran thing, Iran is usually avoided because no matter what the comment, about whatever time period the Middle East is an extremely sensitive topic and it is assumed that no matter what is said it will arouse bad feelings. This creates a situation where nobody wants to make any comment at all. I think we all have to strive to resolve this situation, try to understand the situation better, if we make comments, be prepared to stand by them or take the criticism.

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